About us

owner of windmoment Bastian Schlatz

Moin. Nice that you're here. I am Bastian and owner of WINDMOMENT.
With us you get robust, long-living wind spinners which remains steadfast even at higher wind speeds. I live with my wife and our children in the northernmost state of Germany, in Schleswig-Holstein. Our location in Bad Segeberg is between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, there where the wind is at home. As a technical merchant, I have a great affinity for wood. I love the smell, the feel and the diverse possibilities that this raw material offers.

What you can expect from us:

We love, what we do. We put a lot of passion in our products, and you should remember that. Each order is carefully put together by us.
Our windmoments are due to the special construction very smooth and durable. They are also extremely decorative and provide a pleasant, invigorating atmosphere at your home.
The materials used are optimally matched to each other and ensure excellent stability.

All beginnings are difficult

windmoments first aircraft model

Our very first wind spinner made of wood...

 It all started in 2011 with this solid wood model.
We quickly realized that there was still a lot of work ahead of us, but every start is hard... ;-)

windmoments First milling contour

Not a deco for garden yet...

The first milling contour made from chipboard on a CNC machine.
After a few adjustments, it became our BIG CHARLIE model.

Curious ?

 In the shop you will find many photos and information about our products.